About me



My name is Cheryl and my life began in Caracas, Venezuela.  I spent several years in South America, Central America, and Canada before moving to the United States at the young age of 14.  During those years I developed a love for people from different cultures and their stories.  My love for people combined with my love of the arts sparked my long time passion for photography.  


I live in Thornton, Pennsylvania with my four beautiful and very active children.  I worked in the corporate world in both sales and consulting for several years before making the decision to stay home with my children.  Staying home with my kids has been a beautiful journey and one that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to walk.  During those years I worked with a friend of mine shooting weddings and family portraits.  I always knew that as my children grew that photography was a dream I someday wanted to pursue full time.  


I am passionate about photographing people because I believe we are all beautifully and uniquely created. It is all about those special moments that are woven together to make life meaningful. My goal is to be able to capture those brief periods of time through the lens of my camera so that my customers can enjoy them for a lifetime. Those moments may include the expression of love and adoration seen on a mothers face as she gazes at the family she helped to create, or the joy heard in a little girls giggle as she twirls around and blows out dandelions.  I try and keep posing to a minimum because my true desire is to capture who you are through life's real interactions.